AI in Healthcare Summit 2021 Recordings

PRESENTATION: Ultra-personalized AI-enabled Healthcare and Wellness:

Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder & Group CEO of Cortex Logic

PRESENTATION: Computerising the brain: the next frontier in healthcare.

Johan Steyn, Chair of the Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with the IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals of South Africa)

PRESENTATION: AI for operational excellence: role of CX in optimal healthcare delivery- An administrator perspective.

Vukosi Sambo, Head of Data Solutions, @Medscheme

PRESENTATION: How Healthcare in Africa can leverage Artificial Intelligence

Joel Ugborogho, CEO @ CenHealth

PRESENTANTION: AI in Drug Discovery

Peter Henstock, Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead @ Pfizer

PRESENTATION: From Artificial Intelligence to Clinical Intelligence

Dr. Jaishree Naidoo, Chief Executive Officer @Envisionit Deep AI