Peter Henstock

Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead @ Pfizer

Strategic & technical leader applying machine learning, data mining, visualization and analytics skills to solve key data science problems. Data science is a hybrid field integrating computer science, visualization, statistics, and business knowledge. The standard skill set emphasizes breadth over depth yet both are critical:
● Advise and guide the technical direction of Pfizer's machine learning, deep learning and AI entries into natural language processing, image processing, and predictive modeling
● Harvard University lecturer teaching the Master's software engineering capstone and the graduate level, machine learning and data mining courses
● Analytics researcher: developed ~30 novel visualization and analytical tools in use at Pfizer
● Ph.D. in computer science emphasizing artificial intelligence and machine learning
● Master's degrees: software engineering, applied statistics, applied linguistics, image processing and biology
● Statistician: primary site statistician for 10 years supporting up to 200 scientific researchers
● Broad industry experience including pharmaceuticals, defense, text mining, and education

Experience across software tool sets:

● Statistics software: R/Shiny, Matlab, Minitab, SAS, DesignExpert, JMP, Graphpad Prism
● Languages: Python, Java/Swing/EE, Javascript, Perl, Groovy, Grails, C/C++, OCaml, Ruby, Lisp, SQL
● Industry Software: SpotFire, Plotly, Matlab, Pipeline Pilot, Tableau, Linguamatics I2E, Daylight, Weka
● Big Data: Some experience with Spark, Hadoop (YARN), MongoDB, Pig, Hive



PRESENTANTION: AI in Drug Discovery